Friday, September 02, 2016


SELLING ON EBAY... or Craigslist .....

 .. Berlin on this one........

Lots of gold lame on that one...

Mary Mary

___--DEE SNIDER ----


June 2017.
Just wanted to make a note.. I have sold a number of these shirts, on eBay.. no problem..
But, I made the BIG MISTAKE of selling one to someone in S. Africa..
While It's entirely possible that this person never did receive it.. and I want to believe
that that is what happened.. It's also possible that this person has a history
of buying items from various countries.. and then he says he never got the item, and he
gets his money back, but has an inside friend at Customs, or maybe this guy works
in the postal services.. and he got his shirt, now he gets his money back, too, to boot !??
Whatever the actual truth is.. I'm out of $60. + because he claims that whenever got the
shirt ... Using the tracking number, I'm told that this shirt went thru customs, and was released, just never was delivered. .. and eBay was quite quick in deciding to give him his money back.
I looked up this guys name, and I find 20 people with that name, on Facebook.  
Enquiring minds what to know...what really happened, but, I guess I'll never know.
Lesson learned.. NEVER sell items to another country, without massive insurance !?