Monday, July 02, 2018

Celebrities.Before & After

Oh no.. I need to find the URL that I found these on... it was a Youtube, actually :
I KNOW that the paparazzi will find the absolute worse pics ever ..
hell we ALL have our bad days !!! .. in a daze!! .. apologies to the celebs .. they have to
live with their public lives ..

"Cindy Brady" ..

McCauley Culkin

That cute kid... in that Arnold Swartzneger movie..
the Exterminator . . 

.. Another cute kid .. On Family Ties .. 

He was on Pay It Forward movie .. Joel ?? well, he
basically looks the same . 

Wasn't he in Goonies ??

On Family Ties

Melissa .. Little lHouse on the Prairie .
she's stayed looking pretty good !! .. but I KNOW
that the Nat'l Enquirer and such would have some
horrible pictures .. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Researching plates, pottery .

 This one is about Japanese Porcelain Marks
    5 pages down are some photos .
at about 18 pages down is Dat Ichi Toki .. looks like something that I have . ? ..

  page 43 is Ichi Hon (Nippon) . .
 page 53 :

  Also looks like a few items I have .

approx 65 pages, as my computer is currently set ..  
Dr. Lori video Antiques Appraiser . She says you can send her a picture of YOUR
object .. at  (Don't know if she charges?)


I didn't look at these, yet.. but.. I'll delete whatever doesn't interest me, whenever I DO look..
Took these URLS from a forum .:

Here are some German marks wepages. I checked the first one already - no hits. The second I haven't.


  Words used on the Antique roadshow .
   Words ..Glossary of Terms used by antique businesses
    research the archives ..
IE .. Journals :
  Cameras to Czech.

Saturday, March 18, 2017



Draft Card ..

Facial Recognition

 Hats from the 1860's..-1890's

Picks !

Trying to "date" old photos.. info on that..


Thursday, February 16, 2017

Maine 17th Regiment of Foot Soldiers

My G.G.Grandfather was in the 17th Regiment in Maine .. Co I
He signed up in Saco, Maine .. I've been researching the various books..
Made copies  From a book I found on a Google Free Books area..
will find the URL  .. "The Campaigns of the Seventeenth Maine"

Below:  Col West commands 439 enlisted men..

166-167 :

------ 168-169:

=== 170-171



==  248-249:

============== 286-287 ..

288 - 289

===== 290-291

=  3 2 1  ===  Company I !!


Trying to find out what happened to the Brand School in Roy, NM that
my ancestor donated.  .. Looking at this pre-Harding County history.
Seeing a lawyer named Melvin Mills from Canada.. a Quaker, who tried to
bring some civility to the desperado land.

Here is the  santafetrailnm link.  with links about the area. ..
Roy is currently in the county of Harding.. but in 1910, that's pre-county time.
This Melvin Mills was the attorney for the Maxwell Land Grant.
 There is a census for the area in 1910, but Brand is not listed on it. Maybe i have the
year off ? or they'd moved in just after the census was taken, and moved away before
the next census was taken. I need to get the dates, if they are available.

On Wiki : Roy has other associated towns/communities. "
CountySeat is Mosquero,  Mills, Sopano, Buyers are the other communities.
Still, that's now and not then, over 100 years ago!
Here's a couple of maps I got off FamilySearch ..   1905 map:

Trying to locate Roy, NM within this part of the Santa FeTrail:   cimarronroute