Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Dealing with Dementia -- at home

This is the Heading !! .. the beginning of a blog      May 18, 2016

Let's be vague: ...

After my mom fell,  Nov 2014.. she went further downhill than before.. Episodes of stressful situations.. Deaths and a very irritating JERK of a neighbor that yelled at her..(for 5 years).
  So, we moved my mom in after she had to stay in the hospital.. 5-6 days, and she couldn't go back to her apt!! in the Winter @this Northern Hemisphere ??..
 .. She wound up in the hospital again, in April 2015.  .. In May, ;we went to the Geriatric Evaluation.. I guess I STILL have questions, a year later. Not sure what more I should be doing.  If it weren't for her pains: Pain in the left arm, Pain in the back .. Pain in the hip .. maybe she would have been OUT and had some fun. Go to a senior center and go visit friends?? But, she's forgetful and in pain, doesn't sleep well.. complains about being fat in the gut (but she's not FAT.. she's 120 pounds!!) ..." IT's too hot and it's too cold and on and on.."

I'm looking at various sites to give me some ideas on what to do, where to go.. what else I may have to "look forward to"..

Oh boy, Oh boy! .. thanks for that one!! .. I will have a heightened risk for developing dementia, just because I'm acting as a caregiver for a loved one!? .. The Isolation .. the Stress ... and depression!?
It says that I need to take a break once in a while.. is that a few hours a day or do they mean take a week off !!???

From this link :  Caregivers-Find-Support-From---

       "Mom needs to go to the doctor or have her diaper changed.
       Dad has to be fed and kept from wandering out of the house.
       Siblings have to be begged to help and tough skin must be 
        developed when the caregiver is told what they do doesn't    
        matter enough that they will receive help."
      --AT least I don't have to go that far, yet.. Mom's got her physical needs under
enough control to not need me to change a diaper, and she doesn't wander, 
tho' , I'd imagine that if it was easier to get around for her, and easier to open
the doors, she could wander.  She did say to me that she's not comfortable to
go outside, all the way across the street, to the mail box and BACK?? ..

         Get used to it – the guilt I mean. The phone thing was just one of the
           games I had to play. When Mom would call the first time, I'd answer 
           and see how she was doing. The second time, I'd gently try to let her
            know she had just called. The third time – well, sometimes it just 
           seemed better to ignore it. I knew she would be embarrassed
           (or else think I was lying, depending on the day) if I told her she'd 
           called 3X within 15 minutes. It seemed kinder to just not 
             answer the phone and let her forget that she called."

          THIS is what bothers me the most.. it's been for 2 years at this point.. 
Repeating things to me!!  Not a phone call, (not sure she can use the phone anymore??)
but the same information,over and over and over.   ..
              I'm told I should probably adopt a new way of retorting..  
 Just smile and pretend I didn't know.. and nod.. and stop
feeling so annoyed!! .. Be an actress.  
          It goes against my grain/brain, 
              to deceive and weave.   
                  Getting Peeved.  

Maine Gov:

Southern Maine Area on Aging:



Other things I looked at today:
there are 80-90 types of Dementia .. they affect at least 2 parts of the brain. there are:
Chronic Progressive Dem., Vascular Dem., Fronts-Temperal Dem (aka Picks), Primary Progressive Aphasia, Huntington's .. to name a few..
 She's had a Neuro-psychological workup .. but I don't recall anything said about what type she has!? I shall call them and ask.
There are Neurologists, Gerantricians, Geripsychoiatrists .. NeuroPsychologists.
Some people get EEG's,  MRI's, CT Scans .. as there could be Fluid, Tumors, a stroke .. So, another question to ask.. why didn't she get one of those?
 I looked at 12 RX's that may increase the likelyhood of a fall. AntiThrombotics (warfarin), drugs for peptic ulcers or GERD, Diuretics, NSAIDS (women only), B12 & Folic Acid, constipation drugs,
Calcium, Hypnotic sedatives, analgesics, Opiods and Anti-depressents.  .. hmmm she takes a few of these Items..