Thursday, August 23, 2012


Welcome to some childhood remembrances....

In Sudbury, MA ..  1958. John Allen & wife visited us.

Just trying to put those pieces together!! .. The Sudbury Grist Mill that we stood in
in front of... in 1958 .. superimposed in a bit picture that we got of the grist mill, later on.

Will always cherish my time in Jail with my sibs .. fun fun fun!!
 This is Toni, Lorraine, Nancy and Matt ..   1966

                            Aunt Jackie and her Dodge Dart.. visiting us in Kport.. 1966 ish..

1971, we visited Dot and Charlie Marshall .. Mark, Mom, Nancy, Dad, Rain, Matt
The was my absolute favorite dress.. sigh.. I grew out of it and mom gave it away..

Got a nice motorcycle ride with an aunt..  1975

1975...up ta W. Paris, Maine !! Nancy, Mark, Cheryl and Matt!

                                        Aunt Anita Ruggiero ... and Nancy.. 1975

                                  approx..1992.. The last year my grandmother  was alive..
                            My cousin's son, Jesse; grandmother, son, Gabe,  daughter and sister..xoxoxoxoxo

<< Mark, Nancy and Matt with our
      prized Easter baskets. (Candy!)
      in Wayland . . 1959 (?)
      Nancy, on the right from a diff picture
      probably a year later?

Xmas morning. Mark in his uniform (state cop?), Me and my
Chatty Cathy doll, Matt in his Superman costume..

1966 .. Nancy and her cousins: Claire J, and Toni B.

Rain, Mark, Matt, Toni, Nancy

Looks like "Easter"-going-to-church clothes at our house in Kport.
1966 . Rain and Toni in front. Nancy, Mark and Matt.

I think I was in 6th grade here, makes it 1967/8. Probably in our basement.

In the living room.. Mom (Norma), Rain and Nancy. 1970