Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ancestry Links... or others.. photos..

Thanks to my cousin, John Allen III, for sharing the following pictures from
our grandfather (John M. Allen's) collection.!!
The three pics above are individual down below....

                                          Stevens-Duryea  1913 Model  C.C.
                                        1920-21 Don't know if this is Grandfather John Allen, or not??

Sebatiscook Bridge, Clinton, ME .... March 13, 1936...during A FLOOD

Back of the Woolen Mill, River St., Clinton, ME.  1936

Flood... Main St., Clinton at [Fanny Brook Bridge?]

Cheryl, John and Nancy.. cousins..


GOING SKIING !!!  Saddleback, January 5, 2014 !! Gabe, Bob and I went up to Rangley..but just Gabe and I skied..

what a day.. for me.. I just wanted to do the Bunny trails..(above) they seemed ok.. just big enough.. but hey.. there's those other "GREEN" trails.. Beginner/intermediate.. if we just do ONE run up that other chair lift...
So.. here's the view .. sorry. this one's blurry.. I see that lake across the way and found out that there's an air port just beyond that!!

                                       Below is looking UP the mountain from the chair lift that we'd just gotten off.

                                   and this is Looking DOWN the mountain.. Gabe is waiting for me to
shoot this coz.. we just gotta get down and get ONE MORE RUN IN....
                        I didn't take any other pics.. but we wanted to take the GREEN trail!!
                      and there's a caution sign.. NOT a Closed Sign!! .. and NO ONE said
at the bottom of the chair lift that anything was closed up there.. WHO KNEW?
 ... so.. we're trying for the Hudson Highway (?).. and that really IS closed.. but looks
like we can go down Jitterbug... HA.. rocks and ice patches!!..  I believe that we were going down the
RED DEVIL .. but could of been the Blue Devil..?? whatever.. I did NOT want to be going down
anything but GREEN trails.. it was quite the difficult time.. not ski able .. not snowboard able..
I tried to but had to take OFF those ski's.. Gabe took off his board and carried my ski's.. and
we tried walking down.. tried to stay in the deeper snow, NOT the ice.. but.. I tried to slide on
my butt here and there.. then I said.. HEY.. I got their phone number, why don't I just call and
tell them that we don't know where we're at!!.. I did.. Gabe was further ahead.. and then I couldn't
see him, he went around the bend.. I let them know.. they finally said they had a visual on
one of us.. they got to Gabe first.. then a Ski Patrol came down behind me while the Ski Mobile
guy got their.. and.. I was able to lift my leg that felt like a ton of bricks onto the machine..
Skidding.. slipping.. braking.. well, it was a very nice ride.. many thanks to all the helpers out
there.. phew.. It was getting dark and I dunno just how we'd of made it after that!?!?!?
Bob had gone to the emergency people and said that we hadn't arrived and he was worried..
So.. they were kind of expecting we might call..
WHAT a day!! ..
time for bed