Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Asiatic Lily Beetles

The above is a forum of people talking about Lilies.. the Asiatic Beetles, what to do about them.
I have a picture from my daughters garden of them:
I had two batches of Stargazer Lilies in our yard.. One batch got infested and
died due to these bugs (I live in York County, Maine), but the other one, 50 feet away,
wasn't touched!! I see from the forum that one can use Neem Oil (in water with
dish soap for emulsification).. or try diluted ammonia. Those are the natural, Non Bee
Killing ways.. there are nasty poisons, of course.. for those that don't care how they
do it.

making herbal Extracts:
one: ALTNature and
two: KCWEB
those ones listed St. Johnswort.

In Politics..

"Silence in the face of Oppression is:
  Siding WITH the Oppressors."
 (Taken from one of The Young Turks, Hasan Piker,  comments).