Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gardening..2010 and URL's on Herbs and Weather

W E A T H E R 
find Your....WEATHER     ALFRED     Largo, FL 
~~Portland-GrayRADAR..10 tracks   NEXRAD Radar-animated with 10 frames~~
Weather One.  &   Two..Accuweather   -&-  wunderground &
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Round is the way to go!!!

Here's an Organic way to help your Garden!
I'm trying to identify my citrus plants so here are two places I'm looking:
ONE     and   TWO

Apparently, it could either be a Trifoliata Orange (Poncirus trifoliata). It has the huge thorns and sour fruit. It is a good rootstock for "dwarfing" other species.

...But.. could be a grapefruit.. need to look into this further.. the THORNS are
what I'm asking about.
Here's a picture of someone elses thorny tree..
An "e-How" how to figure out what your tree is..

(March 2017 Note : We went to FL, and all my citrus plants I' had started, DIED..
tho' I gave two away, maybe those people still have them ?? . argh.  .. it's been 3 years since
they all died.).

 H E R B ' S
A place that lists Herbs and their uses: Medicinal/Magical Herbs!

Cooking: find SUBSTITUTES Here!

Make your own Bird:House!  This only takes one piece of lumber: 1" x 6" x 6'

These are SO cute ! .. All the "stuff" that I have laying around..
Why don't I get some made....??